The Halstrom Difference

No Student is Left Behind

In a large classroom, it’s easy for a student to become disengaged, miss crucial concepts or just get passed over to keep pace with the class. At Halstrom, we cater learning to your child in a way that helps them understand and retain the content. When students are taught to their learning style, they become more engaged and learning success is ensured. We not only want your child to reach academic success, we want them to feel that success and accomplishment.

Academic Success

Halstrom measures learning through a content mastery approach which means your student must prove their understanding of each lesson before moving on. Students must master every lesson at 80% or better before moving on to the next. During class, expert instructors re-teach any material that needs extra attention, and only move on to the next lesson when the student is ready.

Learning for the 21st Century

Halstrom is aligned with the nation’s push towards 21st Century Learning which is designed to properly prepare youth for the workplace. Halstrom promotes the following skills to increase a student’s marketability in the workforce:

  • Thinking: Critical Thinking, Creativity, Problem-solving
  • Working: Collaboration, Effective Communication
  • Tools for Working: Use of Technology
  • Worldly Skills: Citizenship, Civic & Social Responsibility, Decision Making

Beyond Academics: Lifelong Skills

As a result of Halstrom’s academic rigor and focus on 21st century learning, our graduates not only feel prepared academically for their next endeavor, they go into the world with important lifelong skills such as self discipline, goal setting, time management, personal accountability and the ability to cultivate respectful working relationships. Our students tell us that their ability to work both independently and collaboratively has helped prepare them for the future.


Like other public and private high schools, Halstrom Academy is accredited through the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) for students 6th to 12th grade. Each student can choose from numerous AP courses, over one hundred UC/CSU certified courses and NCAA-approved courses.

For more information on NCAA requirements to meet high school and college eligibility click here.