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The Benefits of Alternative Schools Vs. Traditional Schools

The Benefits of Alternative Schools Vs. Traditional Schools

Making the decision to place your child into an alternative school can be stressful. Will it be too hard on your child? Will the new school meet your child's needs? What will the long-term effects of an education provided by an alternative school be? While many factors go into deciding to place your child in an alternative school, here are just a few points to consider as you make your way through this important transition.

1. Will the alternative school better meet your child's needs? In a traditional high school, students may feel as though they are slipping through the cracks in large classes, and with a lack of personalized support. Students with challenges that need to be addressed can benefit from the small group education, individualized education plans, and one-on-one support found in alternative schools.

2. Will your child benefit from the alternative school experience? Traditional high schools tend to deliver a one size fits all education, and while some students might thrive in that environment, others may not. Students at alternative schools can have their education tailored to meet their needs and learning style. This kind of instruction can also include a focus on specific areas on interest, gifted education, technology training, or career prep.

3. Will your child thrive in a more nurturing social setting? The teenage years are tough, no matter what kind of school your child is in, but many students in a traditional high school find the social aspect of school to be a barrier to learning. Some students face bullying, others feel as though they don't fit in, or the dynamic of a particular social group can be a distraction.

An alternative school presents a different dynamic in terms of social interaction. Smaller groups of students and closer interaction with staff means less of a chance for friction to develop between students and go unnoticed.

One of the main benefits presented by alternative schools is choice. Parents don't have to accept whatever their local public school system offers. There is the option to choose the best setting for your child's educational needs.