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This New Year, Resolve to Give Your Teen a Fresh Start

This New Year, Resolve to Give Your Teen a Fresh Start

Is your teen struggling academically? Or is he having difficulty maintaining positive relationships with peers and teachers? Many teens feel alone in their school challenges but research shows that the majority of high school students in the US feel tired, stressed, and bored during their school day. And these are not feelings that encourage high achievement and social engagement.

A New Year, A New School

If your teen has been struggling in a traditional school environment, maybe it's time to try something new. Halstrom Academy offers a revolutionary rethinking of school structure. Instead of having classes with a random mix of students at differing levels of subject mastery and social maturity, all classes at Halstrom Academy are one-to-one. That means one student with one teacher. No more vying for the teacher's attention or missing an important topic because the student next to you is talking.

Lifelong Friendships

Just because all classes are one-to-one, doesn't mean your teen will lack opportunity for friendships with peers. In fact, since students only interact in ways they want, "like attending a fun field trip or joining student government, they are much more likely to form lasting, mature friendships. No more starting a friendship out of boredom during a confusing chemistry lecture and definitely no bullying.

We take our students' well-being seriously and take the time to nurture a close-knit community. Friendships flourish and bullying becomes non-existent in the low-pressure environment at Halstrom. We believe students succeed academically when given the proper tools and environment. As a result, no pressure is necessary for our students to earn top grades and attend the college of their choice.

Schoolwork, Not Homework

Imagine never having homework arguments with your teen again. All of our students complete their assignments in school, leaving the rest of their day open for spending time with family, nurturing other interests, and socializing with peers. We believe that if students are fully engaged during the day and able to ask for help understanding difficult topics, then the frustration of homework is unnecessary. If a student is having difficulty with a topic, we simply don't see the value in sending them home to struggle and possibly practice it wrong all afternoon and evening. We prefer for our students to grasp their subjects while teachers are available to answer their questions. We find that students are more eager to engage in their studies when they have plenty of time for outside activities.

Positive Change, New Mindset

As a parent, the choice is up to you. Will you spend this New Year watching your teen go through the same school struggles all over again? Or are you ready to try something different? At Halstrom Academy, we take the struggle out of learning and replace it with results instead. We can't wait to see your teen succeed and take a giant step toward achieving their dreams.