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Give Your Student the Gift of a Fresh Start This Year

Give Your Student the Gift of a Fresh Start This Year

When you have a child who is struggling academically, you're intimately familiar with the frustration that he or she experiences on a regular basis. It's not that the child isn't trying; something just isn't clicking, and as a result, he or she struggles with a number of basic academic tasks. Instead of letting your child continue to flounder, consider making a change in the New Year by enrolling him or her in a new school that will provide a fresh start and a changed mindset.

Give your child a new beginning to put him or her in the right mindset.

Sending your child to a fresh setting, with new teachers and peers who are unaware of previous struggles, can make all the difference in your child's willingness and confidence to put forth a fresh and renewed effort in school.

Find new strategies to help children learn.

In many cases, it's not that struggling students are unwilling to put forth the effort. Often, they are trying as hard as they can and simply are unable to learn in the style used by most of their teachers. At Halstrom, we offer new strategies to help students with a variety of learning differences, disabilities and learning styles and help them find the tools they need to succeed academically.

Break the homework cycle.

There's nothing worse than homework for children who are struggling academically. They just bring home the work they didn’t understand in school, but no longer have access to the teachers and fellow students they had as resources while in school. At Halstrom, we don't send students home with homework that will just frustrate them further. Instead, we work with each student to complete work on campus to increase their learning and make them academically stronger.

New teachers mean new expectations.

At Halstrom, we don't look back at what your child has accomplished--or failed to accomplish--in the past, and assume that's a marker for how he or she will perform in the future. Instead, we offer a new set of expectations geared to helping your child succeed.

If your child's current school environment isn't working, instead of spending another year grappling with that frustration, contact us today to learn more about how we can help you create a fresh start. At Halstrom Academy, we will encourage your child to experience higher levels of academic success than you ever dreamed possible.