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Choosing the Best School for Your Gifted Child

Choosing the Best School for Your Gifted Child

When you have a gifted child, you know they have unique academic needs that often aren't met inside a traditional classroom. Educating a gifted child sounds like it would be easy, but their unique needs mean that it can be even harder than working with a child with learning disabilities. When you're ready to pick the best school for your gifted child, check for these criteria.

1:1 Instruction

Gifted children often don't function well in a traditional classroom setting. They find themselves getting bored, and trying to stay with the rest of the class makes them frustrated on a regular basis. 1:1 instruction, on the other hand, allows the gifted child to move at their own pace as they learn in a way that works for them, not in a way that's designed for the rest of the class.

Advanced Curriculum

Your gifted child might have been reading before they started kindergarten or working basic math problems on the paper on the table at the doctor's office at the age of five. Putting them in a school with only standard curriculum available means that they'll never be able to reach their full potential. Advanced curriculum, on the other hand, will allow your child to grow and thrive academically.

Positive Social Community

Many academically gifted children struggle with social interaction. Because their brains simply work differently than their peers, they may have trouble with basic tasks like making friends, small talk, and interacting in peer groups. For gifted children, a positive social community at their school is a great way to be sure that they're getting the social interaction they need in order to allow those skills to grow.

Positive Advancement Rate

Gifted children need the ability to advance at their own rate rather than being held back by arbitrary grade levels and other assignments. Your gifted child needs a school with a positive advancement rate where they will be allowed to perform at their level.

Working with a gifted student is a unique challenge, but it's one that's well worth the effort that you'll put in!

Halstrom Academy has a program that is designed to support gifted learners, from a positive social community and high advancement rate to advanced curriculum and 1:1 instructional opportunities that allow your child to work directly with a teacher. Contact Halstrom today to learn more about their unique 1:1 school and whether or not it will be a good fit for your child.