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The 4 Best Practices for Getting Into College

The 4 Best Practices for Getting Into College

You want your child to be as successful as possible in life--and in their teen years, that means successfully getting into a great college. Figuring out how to make that happen, however, can be a challenge especially in today's highly competitive times. If you want to help your child succeed, these four best practices for getting into college will help ensure their success.

Encourage extracurricular activities that are important to your student.

It's no longer the case that the longest list of extracurricular activities is the one that will give your child the best chance of successfully getting into college. Instead, encourage your student to get involved in something that really interests them! Showing years of involvement in a particular activity, whether it's a sport or club or a particular volunteer opportunity about which your student is passionate, looks better than jumping from one activity to another throughout the course of their high school years.

Take entrance exams early like the SAT/ACT

This gives you a chance to get comfortable with the test--not to mention learning how much you need to improve. Students who retake the ACT, for example, tend to score almost three points higher on average than they did the first time.

Seek out great recommendations

The best letters of recommendation come from teachers and counselors who actually know your child personally so encourage them to approach teachers they actually have a relationship with, not just the first teacher they think of.

Start thinking about college early

The best college applications are the ones that come from students who were college-minded through all four years of high school. By developing a four-year plan that encompasses your student's interests, preferred activities, and college desires, you will be able to help your child increase their odds of getting into their preferred institution.

Halstrom Academy has a high percentage of students who successfully attend college after completing the program. With 96% of Halstrom students who apply to college being accepted, those are great odds! If you want to help increase your student's odds of success, contact Halstrom today to learn more about their program and how your student might benefit.