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How Halstrom Can Help: One-On-One Tutoring

How Halstrom Can Help: One-On-One Tutoring

Halstrom Academy is completely committed to all students' academic success and overall well being. If you find that your son or daughter is struggling to keep up in their classes, or they need some individual test-prep, ask us about our tutoring packages. We have a bevy of experienced and dedicated instructors who are qualified and ready to support your child, even if they are not enrolled at our school. Read on to see how Halstrom can help:

Identifying the Need for Tutoring

There are several reasons why your child might be having difficulty in school. Some students are highly motivated but need instruction that is slower, repeated, or taught in a different way. Other students struggle with social situations and are too shy or scared to participate in the classroom. A great number of teens and preteens fear that they cannot conquer the material; as a result, they avoid the risk of looking "stupid" in front of their peers by making no attempt to learn. Whatever the reason for your child needing a little one-on-one help, we will identify the root cause and cater our instruction to your son or daughter's particular needs.

The Power of One-On-One Instruction

While some students thrive in traditional classroom settings, studies have shown that 1:1 instruction is the gold standard. Not only does this ratio provide a completely custom approach to your child's learning with unlimited pauses, repetitions, and question answering, but it also calms the fear and anxiety that many students of all ages experience when learning something new and difficult. Our expert tutors work hard to relieve any academic pressure and stress that your child might be feeling.

Our Tutors Know Their Stuff

All of our teachers have a bachelor's degree or higher and are experienced in the subjects that they are tutoring. Students can be tutored in core academics (English, math, and science) as well as in many electives. Our tutors are trained to accommodate for all learning styles and will teach your child in the way that he or she learns best.

Tutoring Goes Beyond Academics

When a child discovers that he can conquer a difficult subject, his overall wellbeing skyrockets. Confidence in personal ability, also known as self-efficacy, is the foundation for all future success. Your child may not be doing well in her classroom at the moment, but that simply means that a different approach and some hard work is needed. Let Halstrom help.

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