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The Story of Billy

The Story of Billy

The most hated thing about school is homework. But one must live with it, right? Maybe not. The debate on how much homework a student should have every night has become a very heated one. Some want a lot of homework while others want a small amount of it. But how much is too much homework? Is there a better way? Maybe these questions can be answered with a story. Take the story of Billy.

Billy is like any other kid in high school. He goes to class and receives homework every day. He will not start his homework until he gets home from school and will forget most of the material. Therefore, he must first go back through his notes before he starts his homework. It takes him about an hour to finish it, without taking a break. That is not so bad, for one class.

But Billy takes six classes per day. For each class, he is assigned homework. When he gets home, he goes through the same process of reviewing his notes before starting his homework. Each class takes about an hour to finish, without taking a break. That means that Billy completes all of his homework in six hours.

Now Billy gets home from school at three o’clock in the afternoon and starts his homework an hour later. That means that Billy will finish his homework at ten o’clock at night, without taking a break. That leaves him no time for extracurricular activities, hobbies, hanging out with friends, or eating.

However, Billy wants to try out for the basketball team, join the history club, and volunteer at the soup kitchen. He does not have the time to do those things and complete his homework in a timely manner. That leaves him with three options. One, he could focus only on his homework and forget about basketball. Two, he could play basketball instead of doing his homework. Three, he could take time away from doing his homework and accept a lower GPA to make more time for basketball. None of these choices are very good for Billy and he will likely take the third option to become an average student.

Billy’s parents want him to do well in school, but they also want him to participate in extracurricular activities. Colleges and universities look for students who excel inside as well as outside the classroom. Therefore, they send him to a different school.

At this school, Billy has a schedule where he takes different classes each day. He takes two classes on Monday and Wednesday, one class on Tuesday and Thursday, and a lab on Friday. After class, he goes to a study hall and finishes his assigned work. The material is still fresh in his head so he finishes his work more quickly. If he has a question about something, an instructor can help him. If he thinks that he needs more practice, he can take extra work home. Because of this, Billy becomes an excellent student. He is also doing well with his extracurricular activities.

Since Billy does his schoolwork at school, he has more time for basketball, history club, the soup kitchen, and other activities like robotics. He is not only an excellent student but also a well-rounded human being. He receives mail from the best colleges and universities around the country.

According to the story of Billy, students should be given time to do their work at school instead of at home. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us.