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Homeschool Help, a Partner in Education You can Trust

Homeschool Help, a Partner in Education You can Trust

With more and more parents choosing to educate their children at home each year, the need for support for the families and students grows. Parents choose to homeschool their children for a variety of reasons. Some choose this option because they are disappointed by the quality of the local public school system. Others choose it because their child wants to pursue a dream such as dancing, acting, or music more in-depth. While still other parents may have a child that has special needs that they wish to accommodate in a way that cannot be met in a classroom of 30+ kids. Whatever the reason, here at Halstrom Academy, our individualized approach to education will help your child meet his or her educational goals. We work extensively with homeschool families in order to help their children in grades 6-12 receive their best education possible.

The ease of Flexible Scheduling

One of the benefits of homeschooling is flexibility in the schedule. We recognize that some students are more alert in the morning while others learn better in the afternoon, which is why we offer flexible scheduling for our students. Students can enroll full-time or part-time depending on the level of support that they feel is needed. We work with families to create a flexible schedule around activities and their busy life. We realize and understand that many homeschool families choose not to follow the public school calendar year. We offer year round options that allow your student to start whenever it fits their needs, not the needs of an administration staff.

Customized class choices

As your child grows, their educational needs change. Parents often find themselves needing additional support to teach their children the higher math and sciences in high school. Or they feel that their homeschool environment is not as strong in music or art as they wish it to be. To better customize what your child needs we offer a course by course option as well as full or part-time enrollment. This option allows students to design their learning path according to their needs and desires. Some students choose to take only one or two classes with us while others choose to take several during their homeschool career. Our staff will sit down with you and your child and devise a plan to help them reach their educational goals, not ours.

One-on-one learning environment

Our 1:1 student/teacher ratio creates the same quality of instructional time with our students as your one-to-one homeschool time. Our teachers are experts at accommodating any need that your student may have from social anxiety to just extra patience with fractions and everything in-between. We will continue to support your child in the same way you have in your homeschool. They will feel right at home in our classrooms since our teachers adapt to their learning style and not expect them to adapt to our way of teaching.

30+ years of experience

For over 30 years, Halstrom Academy has been helping students reach their highest educational potential by nurturing them as individuals. We know that each student is a unique person and not just a body filling a seat. Our one-to-one approach allows us to create customized learning plans and provides the flexibility needed to help you achieve the educational goals you desire for your child. We want to be a strong resource for your family on your homeschool journey. Our friendly staff can help you determine if partnering with Halstrom Academy is the right choice for your child.