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Flexible Scheduling: Not Just Convenience

Flexible Scheduling: Not Just Convenience

6:00AM... alarm goes off, forcing you to roll out of bed, rub the sleep from your eyes and brew some coffee. You start your shower before stumbling into your child's room with the first (of many) "time to wake-up" calls. After you shower, you whip up a small breakfast, knowing your middle schooler isn't hungry yet, but you want something in their stomach before they begin their long day. You go back to your child's room, see the lump that hasn't moved under the covers, then flip on all the lights with another, "time to get up, your breakfast is getting cold." You go back to your bathroom, munching a breakfast bar, trying to do something with your hair and figure out what to wear. Going back to your child's room, you gently help them out of bed, put clothes in their arms and push them towards the bathroom door. You sip your coffee while waiting for them to emerge and begin to think about your day.

You drop off your student at school where they shuffle from class to class like sheep, hardly taking a break except for lunch and maybe an elective course, pick them up and drive them immediately to soccer practice to burn off energy then race home to try and finish the ever-growing mound of homework before dinner and bed. And oh yeah, don't you have a dentist appointment to go to and groceries to pick up?

Unfortunately, the description above is all too common among parents. However, this is not the only way to educate your child. You don't need to just "survive" the school years, but rather you and your child can thrive. How? Flexible Scheduling.

Now, as a parent, flexible scheduling appeals to you because you can determine their learning schedule around your busy life of appointments and extracurricular activities. But a flexible education schedule provides so much more. "The type of schedule which enables schools to incorporate the most recommended practices is known as flexible scheduling, a feature of exemplary schools that restructures resources by optimizing time, space, and staff, and facilitates varied curriculum offerings and teaching strategies" (Flexible Scheduling Research Summary).

At Halstrom Academy, we understand that each family and each student is unique and individual. One student may more effectively learn in the morning while another student may focus better after lunch. Our program offers 1:1 personalized instruction in a 50-minute class session that takes advantage of the optimum concentration of each individual child. Blocks of time enable teachers "to make choices and have more control over the learning environment" allowing them to be "directly involved with students and be the best judge of time requirements for learning activities”. Furthermore, teachers can also move “from the role of a lecturer to a facilitator and guide while having sufficient class time to use for hands-on activities, group work, project-based learning, technology, the media center, local organizations, and interactions with the community in service learning units." (Flexible Scheduling Research Summary)

Halstrom Academy understands that the way mass education is currently organized is not the best fit for every student. Be sure to contact us with any questions about flexible scheduling, tutoring, or what 1:1 education looks like.

We would love for you to schedule a tour to see our facility and meet our dedicated staff to decide if our services are exactly what your family is looking for to succeed in and enjoy the middle and high school years.