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Halstrom Academy: “Be Different” with Devin C. Hughes

Halstrom Academy: “Be Different” with Devin C. Hughes

Halstrom Academy is leading the way in education and is thrilled to welcome renowned speaker and author Devin C. Hughes to our campuses. Devin will be speaking on tough subjects such as learning differences, bullying and much more. Both parents and students are encouraged to attend this insightful and educational event!

Devin C. Hughes, dubbed “the Chief Inspiration Officer,” is a highly sought after award-winning speaker and author. Raised in an unconventional and sometimes troubled environment, Devin faced his own learning struggles. Dyslexia complicated his academic life. As a result, Devin has a deep awareness of unique learning styles, the struggle to establish an individual identity and the importance of finding a path that leads to educational success for each student. Hughes works to promote greater self awareness and understanding and break down cultural barriers. He draws on a variety of ideas, research, and the tenets of Positive Psychology to inspire and facilitate change.

Devin has inspired thousands over the decade. One of Devin’s previous speaking engagements was with Bernstein Global Wealth Management. Sean Wheat, an employee of Bernstein Global Wealth Management, said “Devin is not only a great person, but he is a true coach, teacher and mentor. He has the innate ability to instill a sense of ownership and a belief in our ability to do anything. Every day is an opportunity for Devin and he passes this message to everyone he can touch.”

Bullying is a growing issue nationally and it is reported that 1 out of every 3 students gets bullied during the school year.[1] Students who experience bullying are at increased risk for depression, anxiety, sleep difficulties, and poor school adjustments.[2] Devin will elaborate on bullying and how we can enhance communication through greater self awareness and understanding of one another.

Devin C. Hughes will have three speaking engagements at Halstrom Academy. He will be at the Cupertino Campus on February 28th at noon, the San Mateo campus on March 7th at noon and his last stop will be at the Walnut Creek campus on March 14th at noon. Please RVSP to halstromsuccess.com. We look forward to seeing you!

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