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5 Ways Your Child Will Benefit from 1:1 Education at Halstrom Academy

5 Ways Your Child Will Benefit from 1:1 Education at Halstrom Academy

When it comes to academics, one of the most difficult experiences for a parent is seeing their child struggle and fail. Every parent wants their child to succeed. Of course, mistakes are essential in the learning process, but it is not necessary for a child to first fail a subject before really grasping it. In many cases of failure, children begin to give up hope and pull away from their goals. The child starts to believe that they are not smart enough to succeed and develop what is known as learned helplessness. In reality, a child may be failing because they are in an environment that does not give them sufficient attention or where lessons are geared toward factoid-consumption rather than gaining knowledge to excel.

That's where 1:1 education at Halstrom Academy comes in. Here are 5 ways your child can benefit from our program:

1. One-to-One Education: One of the greatest advantages of our program is that we always have one instructor working with one student. This means that your child will get the attention they deserve. An established relationship between instructor and student will greatly improve the effectiveness of each session, with every moment dedicated to your child's education.

2. Tailored Instruction to the Student's Learning Style: As educators, we recognize that every student has unique needs when learning new (or even familiar) material. For instance, some students understand material best when it is spoken, others when they are given a visual, others when they are asked to read and write, and others still when they get to "act out" the material kinesthetically. Not only will your child learn with us, they will learn how they learn best. We emphasize content mastery at Halstrom. Students will never be rushed through material--your child will work at their own pace to ensure that they are truly grasping the subject matter.

3. Flexible Schedule: Students participating at Halstrom Academy can set up a class time that works for them. If a child learns best in the morning, they can come work with us in the morning. If they have sports practice after school, they can come for necessary 1:1 sessions after that. We do not limit our scheduling to one part of the day--we want to work with your child when they are best able to relax, focus and learn.

4. Learning Will Be Holistic and Relatable: At Halstrom, we emphasize a holistic approach to academics. That means we encourage our students to explore and discover ways that their in-class learning applies to their lives outside of the classroom, whether that be in their athletics, their art, their personal identity or their relationships and family life. We recognize that academics are but one facet of a student's development from a child to a well-rounded individual. In order to comprehend a subject to the fullest extent, a student needs to be able to relate it to their life in some manner and have an incentive to learn.

5. Learning Will Be FUN!: Your child will have a great time at Halstrom Academy, just as they should. Education is never without its struggles, but we will work with your child to overcome obstacles and to relish that feeling of accomplishment when they do. In the long run, education is not only about passing a test or making good marks but finding joy in the process toward self-improvement and fulfillment.

These are but five ways the Halstrom Academy program can help your child become an enthusiastic young scholar and a well-rounded person. We hope to work with your child soon! Please contact us here with any inquiries or to enroll! If you'd like to try our tutoring program click here. Thank you.