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Why Should I Consider Alternative School for my Child?

Why Should I Consider Alternative School for my Child?

Depending on your experiences, the term "alternative school" can conjure up a variety of images. Religious schools, schools for adult learners, schools for troubled teens, homeschooling, may all come to mind. In fact, the definition of an alternative school is simply “any public or private school having a special curriculum, especially an elementary or secondary school offering a more flexible program of study than a traditional school." Alternative schooling can take almost any form imaginable.

So why choose an alternative school? A study conducted by the University of Colorado concluded that "it is safe to say that between class sizes of 40 pupils and one pupil lie more than 30 percentile ranks of achievement" (15). Public educators often lament the limitations of the traditional large class sizes - no time for one-to-one student help and difficulty meeting the wide range of student needs.

Alternative schooling, such as the model found at Halstrom Academy, has the one-to-one environment shown to so greatly impact student achievement. Teachers can address each student as an individual, meeting them where they are and creating personal pathways for learning. It is no wonder that alternative schools typically demonstrate improved student behavior, attendance, and academic achievement.

Not only does personalized learning improve students’ academic abilities, it also benefits their social lives. Students still participate in traditional campus activities such as field trips, student government, and clubs, while the close-knit community eliminates bullying and reduces peer-pressure. Additional social benefits include flexible scheduling - allowing students to participate in sports and other extra-curriculars at their liberty.

Is your student getting lost in the crowd in the traditional public school setting? Do they need more than a "one size fits all" education? An alternative school is your solution. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of alternative schools, and see what Halstrom Academy has to offer.