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Preparing for College

Preparing for College

Preparing, for college can be very stressful and Halstrom Academy is here to prepare you as well as support you through this process. You must take your standardized tests, maintain your grades, fill out your college applications, write your college essays, and a whole host of other things. These things will have a humongous impact on your life. However, you also need to learn these four things as you continue to prepare.

First, you need to learn how to pick your classes. You will take many classes while you are in college. It is encouraged that you pick interesting classes. However, you must also earn a degree. Therefore, you must take and pass all of the classes required for that degree. It is important that you learn how to pick your classes and how to create a balanced schedule for yourself.

Second, you must learn how to manage your time. College is not like high school where your time is managed for you. You will be on your own and no one will tell you how to use your time. However, you must understand that you also have responsibilities. It is easy to lose yourself in everything and forget about school. You only have a limited amount of time in college, so it is important that you use it wisely.

Third, you must learn how to set goals for yourself. The school will provide you with a student advisor who will help guide you on your college journey. However, only you can decide your direction. You do this by setting goals. Your goals can be as broad as graduating summa cum laude or as specific as finishing an assignment on time. It does not matter what goals you make for yourself. What matters is that you make them.

Lastly, you must learn who you are as a person. Who are you, at your very core? You will learn a lot about yourself while you are in college. However, you will also encounter many bad and harmful things. If you do not know who you are, these things will sweep you away. Once you lose your way, it is very difficult to find it again. Your core will help keep you on the right path.

You cannot completely prepare yourself for the flood that is college. However, learning these four things will help you ride out the storm. Halstrom Academy can help. For more information, please contact us.