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Closing Learning Gaps: Choosing the Best School for Your Unique Learner

Closing Learning Gaps: Choosing the Best School for Your Unique Learner

Every parent's desire is to hear their child is exceptional. In the educational world, your child may be labeled "unique," "gifted," or "special needs" based solely on how he or she learns and at what pace. Due to the "one size fits all" method that is most prominent in the public school system, your unique learner may not have his or her needs met, thus falling behind, struggling or causing issues in the classroom. How do you close those learning gaps and choose the best school for your student?

1:1 Instruction: Any child can get lost in a typical classroom environment. But with individualized education, your student is the sole focus of his or her teacher's attention and lesson-planning. The curriculum, student work, and pace at which the teacher moves through the material are based only on your child. Students may require an advanced curriculum through which they progress quickly. On the other hand, their success may call for a slower pace throughout the curriculum to accommodate learning distractions. That, in a nutshell, is the beauty of one-to-one instruction: "delivering material at an optimal pace that caters to each student’s interests and abilities. Persistence in difficult topic areas while moving at a ‘just right’ pace through areas in which the student excels is the way to close learning gaps, and bring everyone to their highest personal level of achievement" (Dream Box Learning).

Positive Social Environment: While your student receives individual attention in the classroom, he or she also requires a social connection with peers and the community. At Halstrom Academy, our teachers provide that 1:1 instruction and our learning philosophy embraces a positive social community. Field trips, various clubs, and school work bring students together as a cohesive team to build lasting relationships. Your unique learner will not be bullied or ignored in this type of social environment. Instead, "individualized instruction can help students gain self-confidence as learners because lessons are tailored to their specific abilities" (Dream Box Learning). That confidence will transfer to peer interactions allowing for each voice to be heard and valued.

Unique students require unique solutions. Halstrom Academy combines personalized one-to-one learning with academic support in a dynamic social community to ensure all students are prepared to meet their goals for post-secondary opportunities and life beyond high school. Contact us to learn more about our mission and vision and how our educational environment can close the learning gap for your unique learner.