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"King Nahh" Demonstrates That Motivating Others is About Attitude, Not Age

"King Nahh" Demonstrates That Motivating Others is About Attitude, Not Age

Children and teenagers often look to those older than them as examples of wisdom and motivation. Nyeeam Hudson, known as "King Nahh", is an 11-year-old boy who appeared on “Good Morning America” recently. He has shown that inspiring and motivating others is not so much about age as it is about attitude.

One of the key attributes “King Nahh” demonstrates is optimism. At one point, he talks about how another kid made fun of the brand of shoes “King Nahh” was wearing. Instead of getting angry with the kid, he responds by saying that it is not what is on his feet that matters, it is what is inside his head that matters.

In what appears as wisdom far beyond his years, “King Nahh” compares confidence to a sandcastle. He says that if your sandcastle was knocked down, you would build it back up, and you should do the same when it comes to your confidence. As others knock you down, say positive things to yourself.

Perhaps one of the most inspiring messages “King Nahh” shared was his advice to the adults in the crowd. Many adults complain about Mondays, but he advised against that, saying:

“If you only put negative thoughts into your day, then how do you expect to have a positive day? What you have to do is that you have to put positive thoughts in your day. Be positive, be happy, and then I guarantee you, you will have the best Monday that you ever had in your entire life.”

Fortunately, the wisdom and optimism “King Nahh” demonstrates does not have to be unique to him; other preteens and teens can adopt his positive outlook on life. With the right examples and encouragement, they can be an example and an inspiration to their peers

At Halstrom Academy, one of our main goals is to create an environment where our students feel confident and optimistic, thereby allowing them to pass this confidence and optimism onto those around them. Contact us to learn how we create a positive learning environment.