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Homeschool Help, A Partner for Your Educational Needs

Homeschool Help, A Partner for Your Educational Needs

Parents have various reasons why they choose to homeschool. But one common element all homeschool parents share is the desire to provide a personalized learning environment for their child.

The Curriculum Conundrum

What most people do not realize is the time homeschool parents spend researching and reviewing curriculum. And with math and science being in the forefront of education, homeschool parents often find themselves wondering what to do about these core subjects, especially when they themselves struggle with the advanced subject matter and/or the time to really invest in being subject matter experts.

Core Subjects:  Math and Science

These two subjects especially become more complex throughout middle and high school. Science also requires lab work to meet graduation requirements. Many parents find they need extra help with these more involved subjects. 

These courses are so important because we are truly surrounded by math and science in everything we do. As we move forward in our technological advances, math and science are becoming highly specialized and popular career paths. Just look around - math and science are everywhere! That is why it is integral to have the best resources to be able to master these key subjects on a student's educational journey. As a homeschool parent, teaching these more advanced level courses might seem daunting, but with additional support, specific academic goals can be achieved.

Homeschool Help, Finding the Right Partner in Education

Many homeschool families are looking for extra resources to help with some of these key subject areas to supplement their homeschool education efforts. At Halstrom Academy, we partner with our homeschool families to be that extension of their education program. Whether families are seeking to supplement their homeschool program or opting for a full-time environment, Halstrom Academy can partner with them to achieve their academic goals. Halstrom's expert teachers provide one-to-one instruction in over 140 courses including Advanced Placement (AP), UC/CSU certified, and NCAA approved courses. Halstrom also provides the opportunity for socialization and students fit right into the Halstrom family. 

Halstrom Academy, the Right Choice

Just like homeschool parents, Halstrom Academy wants to provide a positive education by offering personalized attention and customized learning plans, in a caring and nurturing environment. Contact Halstrom Academy today for more information.