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Positive Change: Why A New School Might Be The Answer

Positive Change:  Why A New School Might Be The Answer

Positive Change: Why A New School Might Be The Answer

As a parent, it's hard to watch your children struggle in school. Watching their frustration of trying to do well and get their work done while not understanding particular subjects is tough. Seeing how it affects their confidence and self-esteem, especially if they are falling behind their peers, is difficult.

Why is school so challenging for some while others seem to breeze through it?

While the reasons will vary from one individual to the next, there are a few signs that point to why a new school might be part of the answer for your child.

Sometimes a child who has had a negative school experience just needs a fresh start.

Sitting in the same rooms, day after day, continually reminded of just how much they aren't getting it; they are likely on the brink of giving up (if they haven't already). By now you've probably tried everything you could think of to help them, but to no avail. You may ask yourself, "If they aren't getting it here, are they really going to get it in a new school?"

Consider what a change of scenery does for you.

A new setting often helps to clear the slate. We leave what was dragging us down behind and take in all that a new space has to offer. For a child who's barely hanging on in school, finding a new space to learn in might be a good idea.

Traditional schools attempt to meet the needs of all students, but it's no easy feat to tailor instruction to each child's unique educational needs in a full classroom. Teachers tend to teach to the middle in a large classroom and the children who end up doing well are the ones who "fit the mold." Unfortunately, whatever method may work for those students isn't going to work for everyone.

It's important to acknowledge the challenges that some students face.

Children with anxiety, day-dreamers, or those who learn differently aren't going to thrive in a space that isn't designed for them. For a child with anxiety, it's overwhelming to sit in a classroom with so many people. They might shut down in order to get through it.

Day-dreamers may have the best of intentions to follow along, but because they aren't being engaged in the right way, it's easy to drift off topic. Before they know it, they've missed an entire lesson. For other kids, it could be something as simple as not understanding because of the way a lesson is taught. If lessons aren't presented to them in ways that make sense or are engaging, they'll likely struggle to get it.

Finding a school that fits the needs of your child is imperative to their success.

At Halstrom Academy, we understand that children learn in different ways and that they all progress at a difference pace. For the students who struggle to get through the day in a traditional class setting, the one-to-one approach tailors the coursework to that student which helps them understand the material and see success. Ultimately seeing success boosts confidence in their abilities and makes for a more enjoyable school experience.

Are you wondering if a new school is what your child needs? Contact us for more information about our unique 1:1 schools and the difference we strive to make in the lives of our students.