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Tips to Help Stay Organized in School

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Sometimes, children struggle in school because of one of the most challenging aspects of schoolwork: organization. After only a few weeks of school, students' backpacks can become stuffed full of random papers and assignments from all the different classes taken. Imagine how a teacher's desk would look if he or she did not maintain organization? With multiple classes and hundreds of students, a system is necessary for keeping track of all schoolwork. If the teacher is organized, it will be easier for the child to be organized and everyone will be less stressed. So, if you are looking for a few tips on how to stay organized, look no further.

Teachers do set examples for their students. Organized teachers can teach students to organize and prioritize their class work. Here are some simple ways teachers can demonstrate organization skills. To start with, as a teacher, one must organize all notes. The author Love Teach writes that the most important step for organizational hacks to teaching is to obtain a mail sorter. Once a teacher has one, she can have a column of shelves for each class. Each cubby can have a printed label such as "student forms" or "math assignments". Secondly, Love Teach explains how to keep a log in a big binder of all the students and all their assignments. The way it works starts with creating a page for each class with the names of the students written down the left side. Then the next column can be entitled with the date and name of an assignment. This way a teacher can write a check mark if the student turned in the assignment and then a grade next to it. Next, when handing back assignments to students, use hanging files in a bin in which each file folder has one student's name written on it. This way, a teacher can stay organized.

Students, like teachers, should keep a system to try to avoid having such a mess of papers pile up in backpacks because the inevitable outcomes of disorganization include lost assignments and late submissions. This is why using a planner, such as the one shown on the site Eleven Magnolia Lane, is a good place to start. This site is one of many which provide a printable daily planner. This particular one shows a list for each day of things to do and it has boxes on the right for writing down who to contact and other notes. This planner can be perfect for writing down assignments and due dates so you can stay organized within the day and weeks ahead.

It is important to look at other aspects of school life, too. As mentioned by Caroline Picard in her article in Good Housekeeping, a student's backpack should not only contain papers; there should be an emergency kit containing items such as tissues, ChapStick, safety pins and sunblock. Plan for the unexpected when planning back-to-school prep. Students must not be late for school, either, and here is where Ms. Picard suggests using a hanging clothing organizer with outfits laid out for each day of the week. With a clothing organizer, students do not have to waste time lamenting on what to wear every day; they can just get up and go. Many sites will tell you to have a binder with tabs for organization, yet Ms. Picard advocates for a plastic accordion folder instead with assignments laid out by topic in each section. Folders are easier to carry around.

These are just some helpful tips to keep organized and efficient within the school year, whether you are a student, teacher or helpful parent. Visit our website to learn more about how to be successful in school.