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Exploratory Science - Take Your Summer to the Next Level

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No one necessarily wants to be inside a classroom during the summer. But how about a summer course that adventures outside the classroom so your kids can learn something new, build their portfolio for college, earn some credits, and have lots of fun doing it? An Exploratory Science class can offer all this and more, and your teens can still spend their summer exploring nature and enjoying the great outdoors.

Learning Benefits

For many students, hands-on learning is the most effective way for the abstract concepts of science to really sink in, in a way that will actually mean something to them. Exploratory Science is all about the hands-on experience, teaching students that it's OK to get their hands dirty sometimes. They will get the chance to perform their own experiments in a real-world setting, and see first-hand the practical application of concepts like life cycles, ecosystems, and even the laws of physics.

Health Benefits

Too many teens spend their summers indoors, playing video games, chatting on the phone, or surfing the Web -- and for many parents, the struggle to get them off the couch and outside just doesn't seem worth the effort. With an Exploratory Science course, they will spend their days out in nature, eating healthy foods, making friends, and getting lots of exercise. They may even be able to grow their own foods and start to establish healthy habits that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Academic Benefits

In addition to all the valuable lessons students can learn during a summer science class, both about the great outdoors and about their own health, there are quite a few academic benefits to be gained. Colleges love to see extra-curricular activities on student applications. Even sixth or seventh-graders can eventually include their extra-curricular classes on college applications and they may be able to carry those credits over to college. Your teens may not be planning to go into a science major, but there are plenty of reasons colleges like to see applicants with a strong background in the science field.

Halstrom Academy: The Perfect Option for Hands-On Summer Classes

Across California, there is no better choice for hands-on learning than Halstrom Academy. With dedicated leadership and a focus on providing education in a way that students can both enjoy and actually remember, Halstrom can offer a learning experience that your kids won't get anywhere else. Contact Halstrom Academy to learn more about their summer programs and to get your students registered right away.