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College Compass: Making the Most of Summer

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Summer is often a much-needed break from all things academic. But as students get closer to applying to college, the school year, as well as the summer, can become a very confusing and stressful time. Both parents and students benefit from making the most of their summer by registering for college prep classes.

While some students balk at the idea of doing more school work over the summer, more and more colleges are looking at how future students decide to spend their time. "To colleges, summertime is like the hiatus between jobs a prospective employer would ask about, said Mark Kantrowitz, senior vice president and publisher at Edvisors Network. 'Colleges want to understand, what have you been doing with yourself?' he said. 'What happened during that gap?' The answer can be telling of what a student will do on campus." (CNBC.com) When a student submits an application, that shows they actively pursued discovering their college and possibly their future career; it can give them an edge over other candidates.

But before you sign yourself or your student up for a three or four-week course at a local college, consider the advantages of having a one-to-one college counseling specialist. Instead of receiving general information about the application process and a vague list of "how-to's" when deciding career path, 1:1 college counseling helps students on a more personal level. They will receive custom-tailored preparation for the SAT and ACT, choose the best college for them, and learn what to do to increase their chances of acceptance. Their essay will "stand head and shoulders above the applicant pool" which is important because "college admissions personnel rely on essays to know more about their applicants because there’s no way to differentiate people when they have similar upper-level SAT scores." (Marketing Visible) 1:1 instruction focuses on the individual, allowing specific attention to both students and parents concerns during the college admission process.

At Halstrom Academy, students thrive with 1:1 college counseling. Our College Compass summer program looks at each student independently to create a personalized college admission plan. From there, the summer is spent focusing on SAT/ACT prep, career exploration and possible majors, strong recommendation letters, and compelling entrance essays. Another benefit of this style college prep? Summer break can still be a "break" as sessions are scheduled around the individual. Visit Halstromacademy.org to learn more about our summer programs and schedule a tour of our campus.