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A Unique Approach for a Unique Time: Transition to the Middle School Years

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Anyone who has been through middle school doesn't need to be told that those particular years are among the most challenging in a young person's life. Once a student graduates from elementary school and moves closer to the "real world," the academic, emotional, and social pressures of the transition are often difficult for students and families. Halstrom Academy offers a unique alternative to the traditional middle school experience and helps smooth out what may otherwise be remembered as the most trying academic years for a student.

Academic Support

According to the Journal of Educational Research, significant achievement loss is common in the transition from elementary school to middle school, and this achievement loss is particularly notable when students transition from a smaller elementary school into a larger middle school. Halstrom Academy's unique 1:1 education will create a seamless evolution from elementary school into the more rigorous middle and high school curriculum.

Social Support

Traditional middle schools are a breeding ground for bullying and other social challenges. Halstrom offers unique opportunities for our students to work together and cultivate friendships in a healthy, supportive, and productive environment.

Emotional Support

The middle school years host a variety of changes, not the least of which are physical and emotional. Changing physical appearance and hormone surges are serious adversaries in this time, and the hyper-awareness of these changes often lead to self-esteem problems during these critical years. Halstrom's personalized approach means that students are nurtured and supported every step of the way. At Halstrom, personalized education doesn't stop at academics.

While the transition from childhood to adulthood is never without trials, we aim to guide our students and help them navigate through the many challenges they may face. Halstrom Academy students will receive the tools they need to go from "just surviving" middle school to truly thriving in it.