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Finding the Best School Option for Your Gifted Child

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Do you think your child may be gifted? According to the National Association for Gifted Children, approximately three to five million children in the U.S. are gifted or talented. Having a gifted or talented child requires a special academic setting. Because gifted students are highly curious and fast learners, attending regular classes will likely bore them. The curriculum in a regular class setting is intended for the typical learner. As a parent you want your gifted child to excel. So, what school or program is best suited for gifted students? Here are 3 things to consider when deciding what type of school your gifted child needs.

Advanced curriculum

The National Association for Gifted Children states “instruction for gifted learners is inappropriate when it asks them to do things they already know how to do, and then to wait for others to learn how.” Gifted children become bored with an instruction that is too easy. Their minds crave stimulation from a vigorous curriculum. The challenges of an advanced curriculum motivate them and inspire the inborn love of learning. An academic setting that provides a customized curriculum ensures your child stays stimulated.

Social Connections

Gifted children have an intellectual advantage, yet they need a positive social environment to reach their full potential. Sometimes in traditional schools, students who are above average are singled out and teased for being bright. Having a supportive community at the school is crucial for gifted students. Without the proper encouragement, these students may try to hide their abilities. You want your children to blossom in school, not wilt.

Forward Thinking School

Your gifted child is the face of the future. These students will become society’s doctors, engineers, inventors, teachers, and so on. Having a good grasp on basic subjects is critical, yet they also need skills to help them succeed in the workplace. A school that emphasizes critical thinking skills, work ethics, work technology, and social responsibility gives your child the advantage in the future.

At an innovative school like Halstrom Academy, gifted students excel with custom-tailored instruction and a supportive community. Halstrom supports your child's unique abilities with advanced curriculum options and 1:1 teaching. Connect with Halstrom Academy to discover why students are excelling at their fifteen campus locations.