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3 Fantastic Ways Alternative Schools are the Perfect Fit for Your Child

3 Fantastic Ways Alternative Schools are the Perfect Fit for Your Child

Educating your child is one of the most important things you will do in life. Your child’s early school years sets the stage for his or her college choice and career path. The quality of your child’s education and more importantly how your child perceives the learning process determines, in part, what path he or she decides to take in the future. If a child’s educational experiences are filled with negativity, then that can hamper future educational pursuits. Your child could develop a negative predisposition to academics. However, if your child is exposed to a positive and nurturing academic setting where he or she is allowed to flourish, then there is more likelihood your child will desire a continuing education. It is of the utmost importance for parents to find the best educational fit for their child. Alternative schools provide a viable option for many students who do not fit well in the public school setting. Here are 3 fantastic reasons an alternative school may be a perfect fit for your child.

They Provide a One-to-One Teaching Experience

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, most public schools have a student-teacher ratio of approximately 26 to 1, which means one teacher has 26 students to teach. Obviously, the teacher cannot give his or her attention to each student all the time. Many students get ignored simply because they may be shy, quiet, embarrassed to ask for help, or don’t want to interrupt the class with questions. This results in many students graduating with learning gaps. When you have a one-to-one student-teacher ratio, your child has the full attention and help of the teacher.

Your Child Receives a Customized Curriculum

Every child is unique and has special learning preferences. Whether the child is an auditory, visual, or tactile learner, he or she digests material best when it is presented in a manner that makes sense. This is not possible in a large public school setting. However, in a smaller alternative school, the child benefits from a customized curriculum designed to fit his or her learning preference.

The School has a Community Spirit

The small close-knit atmosphere of an alternative school lends itself to camaraderie and a sense of community you won’t find in public school. Classmates know each other by first name and support one another academically and personally. Alternative schools are known for their bully-free environment where students find a place of comfort and safety. This community spirit allows students to stop worrying about peer pressure and bullying and be free to learn.

At Halstrom Academy, we are committed to providing an environment where your child will develop a positive mindset about education, thus paving the way for his or her future success. Contact us today for more information about our academy.