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Looking for Summertime Enrichment? Look no Further.

How Parents and Teachers Can Promote a Growth Mindset

As summertime approaches, you're probably starting to consider what kind of enrichment activities you can get your child involved with to help fill up his or her time productively. Maybe you're concerned about summer slide, the way children fall behind over the long summer break, or perhaps you want your child to take this time to explore a new area of interest that they don’t have time to explore during the regular school year. Summer classes are the solution to both situations, and they encompass a wide variety of topics. Today, we're going to talk about how classes in contemporary photography can help your child prepare for their future.

Job Outlook: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, photographers' median pay for 2016 was $34,070 per year, and most jobs in the field don't require a degree beyond high school. However, photographers do require extensive experience on the job to excel. Encouraging your child to pursue their interest in contemporary photography now can help them start to build their foundation of experience early.

College Majors: If your child does decide that they'd like to continue their education and go to college to get a degree in this field, they might study photojournalism or photography. Taking a summer class now will help them build a portfolio of work that will help them get into a college program in their desired area.

Useful Hobby or Side Business: Even if your child doesn't want to work as a full-time photographer as an adult, photography can serve as a lucrative side business or hobby. Freelance photography work as a portrait photographer or wedding photographer can bring in extra money or can serve as a hobby that your child does for friends and family.

If you’re interested in enrolling your child in a contemporary photography class, Halstrom Academy is the perfect place to take this course. The professional staff at Halstrom Academy is highly trained and provides personalized instruction that caters to your child's learning pace and learning style. Contact Halstrom Academy here for a complete list of classes being offered this summer.