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Bully Free Zone: Finding the Right School

Bully Free Zone: Finding the Right School

School can become difficult as the years go on, with the curriculum advancing every year, as well as the additional school work and homework. And on top of those challenges, sometimes the social environment changes and bullying can arise.

Bullying isn't only an issue in elementary school; it is an issue in middle schools and high schools as well. In 6th through 12th grade, 28% of students were reported as being bullied as reported on stopbullying.gov.

And as children grow, the issue grows more serious as well. Bullying can seriously affect children's personal lives and well-being. If a child is bullied, it can affect their grades, happiness, confidence, ability to function successfully, and their lives in general will start to suffer.

Large schools may do what they can to resolve the issue, but sometimes there is no better option than to move your child to a different school, a better school where bullying of any kind is not tolerated.

A great option for a zero tolerance on bullying school is Halstrom Academy. Halstrom Academy is a small, nurturing private school geared to the transitional years of grades 6-12 with an environment focused on every child, including yours. It's a bully-free zone, where all children can learn and be supported and cared for, so they can be the young adults they were meant to be.

Bullying can hurt children in so many destructive ways. Your child deserves better and transferring your child to a school like Halstrom Academy can be the change and solution you are looking for. Not only will your child no longer need to fear being bullied on a Halstrom campus, they will make friends, and grow in their academics, social confidence, and in their overall happiness.

Learn more about Halstrom Academy here, and let your child experience a quality education in an environment where he or she will thrive. Halstrom Academy really does offer an amazing education that fits you and your child: your needs, your goals, and your life. Schedule a tour of their campus today.