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Why Learn Digital Media Skills?

Why Learn Digital Media Skills?

The world is changing faster than ever. Students graduating today are embarking on careers that didn't exist a few years ago. At Halstrom Academy, we know we are preparing students for jobs that don't exist yet.

One thing is certain: the ability to communicate digitally is crucial in this new economy. Every company, charity, and organization needs to have a digital marketing strategy. The demand for skilled content creators is growing, and the jobs pay well. Media planner, marketing coordinator, and communications manager all made Glassdoor's list of 13 Jobs With the Best Pay Raises. Career Profiles lists the median annual salary for a marketing manager at $116,510. Halstrom's Digital Scholars: Media & Composition class is an excellent way for students to get a head start in this highly competitive field and many others.

Creating digital content, writing effectively, and connecting with peers online are great skills for every interest area. Many entrepreneurs are establishing themselves as experts and industry leaders by building audiences through blogging, YouTube, and Instagram. Artists and musicians are growing their fan bases and selling their work online. And an online presence is increasingly important as employers and colleges research applicants.

The 10-week Digital Scholars: Media & Composition course will teach essential skills like online research and citation of sources, writing for an online audience, and using social media to network with peers. These skills will prepare students for college and beyond.

When using social media and communicating online, student safety is a top priority. With this course, students have the opportunity to develop their skills in a safe forum. Halstrom will also specifically teach students how to share their content safely on YouTube. Students will learn about the tremendous power of digital media and the importance of responsible digital citizenship. With this Halstrom Academy course, students will get a strong foundation in the digital marketplace and build strong portfolios to share with colleges and future employers.

Please contact Halstrom Academy for more information or to enroll.