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Three Myths about Summer School for Middle and High School Students

Is Your Child Dreading The Transition to Middle School?

There's no getting around it: the term summer school has developed some negative connotations over the years. Sadly, this trend has developed partially due to widespread misunderstanding of the reasons behind summer school for middle and high school students.

Allow us to dispel some of the myths.

Myth 1 - Summer School Is a Punishment

Some people view summer school in the same light as after-school detention. This is not the case. While detention is a (widely-debated) form of discipline intended to correct inappropriate behavior, summer school is designed to afford students an academic boost.

Myth 2 - Summer School Is Primarily for Struggling Students

According to experts, even children who are at the top of the class at the end of the school year can be affected by summer learning loss. A few months out of the classroom is all it takes for students to lose hard-earned ground.

A century of study has shown that students routinely score lower on standardized tests at the end of summer vacation than they did just a few months earlier.

Fortunately, summer school can bridge the gap between one school year and the next, ensuring that your children not only lose zero academic ground over the summer months but can even advance beyond where they ended the previous year.

Myth 3 - Summer School Can Be Boring

Well, this isn't a complete myth.

We're pretty sure some summer programs are boring.

Fortunately, such isn't the case at Halstrom Academy. This year we have launched Summer Learning Adventures that are innovative hands-on courses that include field trips and small group learning. These courses are challenging, UC a-g approved counting towards graduation requirements, and (most importantly) they are FUN! Also, within the fast-paced, engaging environment of one-to-one learning, all students are reached and met on an individual level. Whether your student needs to brush up on basic skills, wants to have additional enrichment and fun, or simply desires a jump start on the next academic year, we're here to help.

For more information on our summer programs, or to chat with us about anything else, please feel free to contact us at any time.