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Is Your Child Dreading The Transition to Middle School?

Is Your Child Dreading The Transition to Middle School?

Is your child concerned about leaving elementary school and starting middle school? Truth be told, the answer is likely yes. Middle school is a huge change! Anxiety about the unknown is bound to happen to one degree or another. Unfortunately, statistics show peer pressure and bullying is at its worst during middle school. That kind of reputation is not going to come without some hype. Your child has probably heard stories of a bully in action. That could cause some worry and intimidating thoughts!

And, if that's not enough to deal with, middle school often means a larger school and student population. Kids often fear not fitting in with peers, getting lost, having multiple teachers, being unable to get the locker combination down, and then there's the curriculum... Is it all coming back to you now?

Is there a transition plan in place at your child's school to assure that the incoming 6th graders feel welcome and informed? Something as simple as a meet and greet for students and parents to meet faculty and take a tour of the school will help calm any initial fears plaguing your child about this new experience.

Or perhaps you are thinking the transition to middle school is a good time to enroll your student in a new school entirely. A school that is not too overwhelming and offers an education more tailored to your student's needs. A school that strives to ensure the success of all of their students. At Halstrom Academy, we know what an important phase of life your child is entering. Some of the things your middle school student can expect:

  • • A small, nurturing school environment
  • • One-to-one student to teacher ratio to promote optimal learning and limit distractions
  • • 50 minute class periods taught to your child's learning preference
  • • On-campus Study and Hangout for between class periods - encouraging schoolwork, not homework
  • • Flexible class scheduling for on campus or even online
  • • Modern technology used in all aspects of instruction and learning
  • • A social environment and positive school community that provides many opportunities to get involved with classmates

Sounds great, right? But, there's more you should know, Mom and Dad! Contact us today! Our staff will be happy to discuss why transitioning to middle school at Halstrom Academy is the optimum choice for your family.