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The Benefits of 1:1 Education for Your Teen

The Benefits of 1:1 Education for Your Teen

Traditional classrooms are filled to capacity. Many schools have classes with 30-40 students, doing middle and high school students a serious disservice. Teenaged students are already navigating a number of social and academic hurdles, and a traditional classroom can fail to ignite their passion for learning.

This is why 1:1 learning is so important, and why it's a cornerstone of Halstrom Academy. Students deserve a space where their curiosity is nurtured and their education is customized. There are many benefits to a 1:1 education approach; in fact, a study conducted by the RAND Corporation discovered that those who attended schools with a focus on personalized learning saw greater success.

So what are the benefits of 1:1 education?

• Adaptability for educators

A full classroom is difficult to navigate. With a more personalized approach, the teacher can put all of their energy into delivering the highest quality education, based on an individual student's needs. This allows the teacher to consider learning style and prior knowledge, adapting to the student rather than forcing the student to adapt to the class.

• Scaffolding for ability levels

Students learn at different speeds. In a crowded classroom it's difficult to reach both the most advanced students and those who lag behind at the same time. With 1:1 education, a student is able to work at his or her own pace. This allows them to accelerate their learning and work ahead as needed. Or, if a student has difficulties with a topic, they are able to slow their pace until they are confident in the concept.

• Adaptability to learning styles

The traditional lecture classroom is a thing of the past. Modern schools understand that all students learn differently. With 1:1 education, students explore topics in the way that makes the most sense to them and their learning style. A mixed method of learning allows students to play to their strengths while also learning new skills.

• Focus on learning

A 2016 study by the National Center for Educational Statistics found that one out of every five students reported being bullied. School is a social place. In a traditional learning environment, social pressure can sometimes take precedence over education, especially for a bullied student. With 1:1 learning, a student who struggles socially is able to prioritize learning. Additionally, they develop trust with an adult who they can confide in; something that is difficult to achieve in a traditional classroom.

One-to-One education is the future of education

Confidence comes from a safe environment that plays to student strengths, allowing them to feel supported as they explore the curriculum. By allowing a student to become a partner in the learning process, setting learning goals and adjusting based on their personalized needs, they become more invested in the process.

1:1 education is a core pillar of Halstrom Academy. We believe that education is far more than a one-size-fits-all formula, and we strive to make every student feel as though they are an active participant in their education.

To learn more about the benefits of 1:1 education at Halstrom Academy, visit us online or contact us.