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Benefits of Summer School for Middle and High School Students

Benefits of Summer School for Middle and High School Students

The sun is out, the beach is open, and the ice cream truck is just around the corner. Students everywhere are rejoicing in the sweet release of summer. No backpacks, no teachers, and no homework for two whole months! What many students don't realize, however, is losing those two months of school can really affect their performance in the coming school year, regardless of how the last year ended.

No student wants to go to summer school and risk missing out on all of the fun activities of summer, but no parent wants to see their student fall behind. Halstrom Academy's unique summer programs address both concerns and foster a learning environment conducive to everyone's needs.

If you are on the fence about summer school, consider these benefits of spending a few weeks with us!

Brain Training

Brains are muscles, and if you don't exercise them every day, they might lose some strength. Whether your student is an advanced learner or is struggling in some subjects, taking a long hiatus for summer vacation will set them back come August. Summer school isn't just for students who need a little extra help - it is for all students who want to maintain their current trajectory in school. Halstrom Academy offers several different programs, tailored to the goals of you and your students. Whether your student wants to get ahead, catch up, or just not forget everything they learned, summer school is a great way to set them up to lift the heavy weights come August!

Engagement and Inspiration

Halstrom Academy's 1:1 teaching program provides students individual attention. Our teachers play a vital role in their students' engagement and motivation. Students who struggle in traditional settings because they are shy, embarrassed, or simply don't know what questions to ask will not only get the information they have been missing, but gain the confidence to tackle difficult problems on their own. Students gain inspiration to fuel not only their time in summer school, but also topics that may not be covered in the regular curriculum. At Halstrom Academy, teachers provide the building blocks to spark curiosity in students.

Ownership and Accountability

Halstrom Academy's 5 innovative summer programs provide students who have lost motivation in school to rediscover their inquisitive nature. Students are encouraged to learn at their own pace, ask for help when they need, and study both the topics they are interested in as well as the topics they struggle to understand. In order to progress, students understand they can take ownership of their own educational experience. Summer school at Halstrom Academy encourages students to take pride in their education, and helps them to find year round motivation to learn.

Summer is an ideal time for students to learn and grow outside the classroom, but it is also an ideal time to explore what they are capable of within the classroom.

If you think summer school at Halstrom Academy is the right choice for your student, contact us.