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About That Homework - Is It Making The Grade?

About That Homework - Is It Making The Grade?

Numerous studies state that homework (other than completing tasks not finished at school) has no benefit for elementary aged children. But what about for your older child? Does it serve a purpose for your child in middle school? The prognosis is doubtful, at best.

By the time a child reaches high school, the studies sway in favor of homework being a positive learning tool. But, why? The jury is still out as to its benefit regarding increased academic performance. However, Carol Burris, Executive Director of the Network for Public Education, does see a benefit for homework in that it prepares students for the independent study necessary at the college level. She was asked, along with other educational experts, to voice her thoughts on homework in an August 2016 article in The Atlantic. The majority were in favor of homework for older students for that reason.

If the major advantage of homework is to teach your child how to study independently, why not allow that to happen at school? This is where Halstrom Academy is ahead of the game. Students meet one-on-one with their teacher for a 50-minute class. After class, students are encouraged to head for The Study, a designated place on campus equipped with a computer lab and on-site tutor, where independent study becomes the norm. And, voilà homework is a thing of the past!

The amount of homework given and making sure homework is not assigned just to assign it were the problems to avoid. Those are the two largest complaints noted by students, as well. Our teens are still children. They need time to explore their interests, hang out with friends and family, and... well... Be kids!

As for those of us who think the best alternative - exceptions being studying for an exam or completing a class assignment - is keeping schoolwork at school, this explanation of why homework exists could speak volumes.

"Homework [is] necessary because not enough learning happens during the school day. Why is there a shortage of learning during the hours specifically designed for it? Because the broadcast, one-pace-fits-all lecture — the technique that is at the very heart of our standard classroom model — turns out to be a highly inefficient way to teach." ~Sal Kahn Author The One World Schoolhouse

Rather than following the cookie cutter mentality that assures us that this educational technique works for every child, let's shake things up a bit! Halstrom Academy allows students to learn at their own pace...what an excellent idea that is! Contact us! We're with you all the way!