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A Fresh Start for Teens Struggling with Confidence

A Fresh Start for Teens Struggling with Confidence

It is not at all uncommon for teenagers to experience some blows to their confidence and self-assurance while growing up, but if your child's academic performance is suffering, it could be time to help them reset their outlook. Maybe the pressures of the classroom are draining your teen's enthusiasm. Maybe your teen is having issues finding a place among his or her peers. Perhaps he or she struggles with anxiety or a learning disability. Whatever the reason, if your teen’s confidence is suffering, a change in routine could be just the right approach to giving your child a positive shift in perspective. A new approach to your child’s education could give them a renewed sense of control and ownership over their academic future. Halstrom Academy can help your teen build a healthy foundation of confidence and self-esteem. We want to give your child the necessary tools to succeed. Success breeds confidence and confidence facilitates positivity and fulfillment. Halstrom does that in a number of ways.

  • Halstrom Academy gives 1:1 classroom instruction, providing a dynamic learning environment where your child can thrive and grow at his or her own pace. Individual attention improves self-confidence and fosters a desire to succeed. Every student is valuable and when students feel valued by the people around them, it is only natural that they begin to see the value in themselves.

  • At Halstrom, we work hard to create a tight-knit community where students feel connected and engaged. An environment where bullying has no place. We want your child to feel like school is a safe space for learning, and we want to provide them with opportunities to connect with their peers in a healthy and supportive way. There are plenty of opportunities for students to socialize with one another and work together.

  • Halstrom offers flexible schedules that cater to each students' individual needs. For each class, students meet with a teacher in a 1:1 setting once a week. They are then responsible for completing independent study. We have spaces designated for them where they can complete their assignments or get help from tutors if they need it. In this way, we foster autonomy and discipline while still providing a support structure so the students can grow and take ownership of their education without feeling overwhelmed.

  • Halstrom Academy is wholly committed to preparing students for college. When students focus on what is ahead, they hone in on the possibilities that are open to them. They begin to see what they are capable of through positive action and perseverance. At Halstrom, we are getting our students ready for the future.

  • If you are a parent who sees your child struggling to adapt to their current environment, we would like you to know that you are not alone and there are solutions. If you are interested in learning about opportunities for your teen at Halstrom Academy, we look forward to hearing from you.