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Tips to Help Teens Transition to High School

Tips to Help Teens Transition to High School

It's only one year, but it's an important one. The year that teens transition from middle school to high school feels momentous. As they face an unknown future, teens find that even small worries keep them up at night.

For these students, there are many curiosities and questions about academic rigor, managing a social life, handling coursework, and worries about using a combination lock (Edutopia).

Fortunately, there are four steps you can take to help your students prepare for this transition.

Clarify Expectations

Students may fear that higher academic pressures and higher responsibilities will lead to higher expectations from their parents and teachers. Having a brief, affirming chat about expectations before the pressure begins to mount may keep students from panicking over nothing.

Express Unconditional Emotional Support

As the school year approaches, assure your student of your unconditional emotional support. Remind them that they can come to you with questions and concerns, expressing your desire to offer help and clarify questions when you can. Just knowing that they have someone in their corner will often ease students' anxieties.

Do a Walk-Through

According to U.S. News, this is one of the best practical steps you can take to reassure students. Once they have received a clear picture of their environment, scouted paths between classes, and mapped out a battle plan for the first day, their jitters begin to recede.

Consult with Us

Here at Halstrom Academy, we are not only familiar with the issues that some students face when transitioning from middle school to high school, but we are also equipped to help. If you have questions about how we can help mitigate the struggles and smooth the transition, please feel free to contact us.

We look forward to working with you to help your new high school student achieve maximum success.