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Flexible Scheduling: It Works All The Way Around!

Flexible Scheduling: It Works All The Way Around!

The plan? For things to run like the proverbial finely oiled machine, of course! And it's completely possible, if you are constantly on top of everyone's schedules. All. The. Time. Mapping out the details is a must to keep things running smoothly. We know the routine.

Rousting your family out of bed and out the door still bleary-eyed day after day is tough. Add rushing from work to school (or schools!) then practice, games, rehearsals... You have to find time to run an errand or two... And, then, when you finally find yourselves home, there's supper, homework, and, hopefully getting to bed at a decent hour to finish out your day. Whew! Your energy level begins to drain just thinking about it, huh?

At Halstrom Academy, we understand that each child is unique and that traditional public and private schools cannot always accommodate individual learning styles in their crowded classrooms. Have you ever thought about what having a flexible school schedule could do for your hectic family life? Being able to schedule classes around family life and obtaining an excellent education for your child could be revolutionary!

A couple examples of flexible scheduling are:

  • Freedom To Schedule Class Times - Won't that be great? Not only will that be a huge plus for family life, but scheduling your child's classes at their optimal learning period for the day makes it a win-win!
  • Part or Full-Time Online Classes - Talk about freedom from traditional learning standards! This option is another big plus from the family and student perspective. Win-Win!
  • School is starting back up soon. It might be time to make the change that not only enhances your child's learning experience but, also, helps you slow down the pace a bit for your family. That works out all the way around!

    "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."
    ~Ferris Bueller

    Wise young man, albeit a bit extreme in his pursuit of looking around!

    If you're ready to enhance your student's learning experience and have time to enjoy being a family rather than just feeling like contestants in a never-ending game of Beat the Clock, contact us today! At Halstrom Academy, we believe family time should allow you to focus on family.