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Tutoring--What's Right for Your Child?

Tutoring--What's Right for Your Child?

Tutoring is unique to each individual. All students learn differently, however, textbooks and teachers alike are usually using the same method to teach classrooms full of students year after year. These usual classroom structures are intended for a group of individuals and tutoring is a way for students to connect with an educator on a more personalized level.

So, what happens when the textbook and classroom instruction doesn't work for your child? Well, they might feel lost or helpless, but fear not! This occurs on an everyday basis and the masterminds behind Halstrom Academy have an understanding of each student's unique needs and abilities. This is also a great option for those that are easing their children into the full-time curriculum at Halstrom Academy.

Each student has their own unique learning style and tutoring should cater to this. Sometimes, students haven't figured out their own method and what works for them. Why not have a professional assess the situation and develop a plan that not only works for the student but allows the student to learn about themselves? This would enable the student to use these unique methods for each class, which is truly an investment in their future.

Students should leave their tutoring session with a newfound sense of confidence in their abilities. It might take a little time to develop a plan that works for each student, but once implemented, students and their parents will witness a change in grades and more importantly, a change in how the student interacts with school work.

Here are some common indicators that your child would benefit from tutoring:

  • Suffering grade(s)
  • Organizational issues
  • Admissions test scores lower than intended
  • Concentration issues
  • Lack of study skills (not knowing how to study effectively)
  • Struggling in a specific class or topic

  • Keep in mind, these aren't the only indicators. Thus, if you feel that your child needs to schedule a tutoring session, don't wait--speak to a professional today! Please contact us to receive more information regarding our tutoring packages, and let Halstrom Academy be the solution to your child's learning obstacles.