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How to Teach Your Teen Time Management

How to Teach Your Teen Time Management

Transitioning to high school is an exciting and somewhat intimidating experience for teens. Not only will they be in a new school, but they will also meet new people, have more work assigned, and experience more social pressures from their peer group.

You are your child’s first and best teacher – even when they are teens! With more demands on their time in high school, helping our children learn time management skills is important to help them be successful. Luckily, there are some many ways to encourage and practice time management.

Ready to focus on time-management strategies with your teen? Here are four creative examples to get you started!

1. Explore different subjects with your teen. By doing so, you are guiding them in managing their time while introducing them to a wider range of subjects they will experience in high school and beyond. By exploring different subject as a family, you are encouraging their sense of wonder and curiosity while also structuring time.

2. Give your teen “time off.” No one likes to work all the time. It ruins productivity and motivation. Your teen needs to take time off to simply be a teen, which may mean playing video games, lying in bed longer than usual, or having a sleepover with friends. By allowing your teen time off, you are teaching them work-life balance within the context of structuring their learning time.

3. Understand your teen’s learning style. By understanding their learning style, you can help them to create an ideal environment for studying. Do they tend to repeat things aloud? Do they need quiet? Or do they suffer from a short attention span? All of these can play into your teen’s strengths or weaknesses. Identifying what they need will help you create a constructive learning environment in the space you have. When comfortable, teens will focus better and complete their work in a timely manner.

4. Lead by example. If you manage your time well, your teen will learn to handle their time well. Hold yourself to the same standards. In other words, be on time to school functions and appointments. Find a work-life balance so you can better focus on your responsibilities. Allow yourself to explore new subjects and show your curiosity.

Time management is a learning process, but that is why you are their guide. Contact us today to explore how we can help your teen transition into the world of high school!