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Helping Students with ADD/ADHD

How to Teach Your Teen Time Management

With ADD and ADHD on the rise in school-aged children, many parents find themselves at a loss. Students with ADD or ADHD often have difficulties remembering homework or school rules, which can result in a student of otherwise great skill and intelligence unnecessarily falling behind in a class of 20 or 30 students. Teachers of classes this large simply lack the time to give each student specialized attention, resulting in an unnecessary struggle for some students.

Most parents with a child diagnosed with ADD or ADHD work hard to get their child the help they need. Research suggests that behavioral therapy is more effective than medication when it comes to ADD/ADHD treatment. While medication can work temporarily, helping a student learn to problem solve and handle symptoms on their own often has more lasting results; allowing one-on-one student-teacher interaction helps foster these skills in students who need them.

Halstrom Academy provides this crucial one-to-one instruction and skill-building, allowing students to receive the extra help and attention they need to succeed. At Halstrom, students receive open communication, clearly-set goals, personalized assistance, frequent feedback, and much more. These resources give students with ADD/ADHD a chance to learn and grow at their own pace, allowing success both in school and in a future career.

While public schools have their merits, they also have major pitfalls; large classrooms allow group learning and generalized education but do not lend themselves well to personalized help. Halstrom Academy strives to bridge the gap between students and teachers, giving students with specialized needs the attention they require (and deserve). With its one-on-one teaching methods, Halstrom equips its students with the skills they need to succeed. Call us today to learn more!