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A Positive Change: Two Reasons To Change Schools

Benefits of Alternative Schools

Often, we tell ourselves to “stick it out” during difficult situations. We silently hope it will get better. However, a parent should not take this attitude toward their child’s education. If your child is not doing well academically, it may be time to consider changing schools.

Here are two reasons your child may be struggling academically:

Reason 1: Disengagement-

Disengagement does not mean your child is simply bored with school. Nor does it mean your child dislikes a certain subject. Disengagement occurs when your child is having trouble connecting with the lesson. A child must connect with the lesson in order for productive learning to take place.

There are many reasons for disengagement. Classroom disruptions, poorly designed lessons, and a lack of hands-on/self-exploration opportunities are just some.

However, one of the more common reasons for disengagement is a lack of continuity between the objective, lesson, and activities. A disengaged child will have trouble understanding how the material in the classroom connects. As a result, the student fails to grasp the relevance. Most importantly, the student does not learn.

If your child is not learning, it is a good time to consider transferring schools. Halstrom Academy makes sure its students are fully engaged in the classroom. With one-to-one instruction, your child will receive a tailored education with uninterrupted individual attention and fewer distractions. This means the time your child spends in a classroom will be higher quality and more effective. In one-to-one instruction, the teacher is able to get to know the student on a deeper level. This allows an instructor to adapt to their particular learning style and adjust lessons accordingly.

Reason 2: Unique Learning Needs-

Does your child learn better using interactive technology? Does your child prefer a hands-on approach when learning a subject? Research shows that there are multiple learning preferences. Some students learn better by listening to the teacher while others learn best by writing and speaking new content.

It is time for your child to attend a school that will appreciate their unique preference of learning. At Halstrom Academy, we provide opportunities for your child to learn their way. Our one-to-one teaching environment also offers customized scheduling and learning plans that are uniquely tailored to your child’s personal skills, interests, and most importantly, their rate of progress. Our academic approach guarantees learning success through mastering every lesson, project and grade – so there is no falling behind.

If you would like to see your child engaged in an environment that caters to their needs, contact us today!