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Back to School: Do's and Don'ts

Tutoring--What's Right for Your Child?

It's time to sharpen those pencils and hit the books for another school year. As students are getting new clothes, backpacks and supplies, it can be such a busy time of year that we forget what we need to be focused on to start the new school year off right!

Some of the following tips will help you remember what to do and what not to do as the new school year comes into play:


  • Allow a 30-minute break when they get home from school to unwind before making them get started on homework.
  • Ensure there are healthy foods in the house so they have a great breakfast that will keep them full until lunch. Fruit, whole grains, and proteins are a great start.
  • Attend back-to-school nights and gather all the information possible about the upcoming school year!
  • Purchase school supplies including plenty of essentials such as pens/pencils, notebooks, paper, notecards, highlighters, and the like!
  • Ensure screen time is limited on school days! Limit screen time for entertainment purposes to 1 hour per weekday.
  • DON'TS

  • Don't force them into after-school activities. Let them choose what they want to do. It will make the school experience much more enjoyable.
  • Don't let them put off homework until late in the evening when they are tired. That's when work is likely to be left UNDONE or done poorly.
  • Don't be a stranger - go to school events and informational nights, meet the teachers, go to conferences, and be a partner in your child's education.
  • Don't let them go to school hungry! Have healthy foods on hand.
  • Don't let them stay up too late! Children need 8-10 hours of quality sleep each night to be properly rested to learn the next day.

  • Ensure that everyone is on the same page at the beginning of the school year. Set bedtimes. Plan meals. Decide on after-school routines. Designate a homework space. Prepare in advance and make sure everyone knows what the expectations are for the upcoming year before school begins.