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Developing Great Homework and Study Habits

Developing Great Homework and Study Habits

This year, your schedule is going to be different. You'll spend less time fighting with your child over homework and more time actually getting it done. Your child won't miss homework assignments anymore, and if they have a test coming up, they'll study. Sound familiar? If you're headed back to school with your hopes high, these back to school tips can help you get in a great homework and study routine.

1. Create a study space.

If you have the luxury of coming home immediately after school, this should be a space in your home. Make sure that supplies like paper, pencils, and pens are readily available and that your child views this space as a place to work. If you're on the go, create a "study kit" in the car so that one child can do homework while other children--or you!--are engaged in an activity. This kit should include paper, pens and pencils, basic art supplies, and anything else your child often needs in order to complete homework assignments.

2. Don't run straight from school to activities every day of the week.

It's great for your child to have plenty of activities to enrich their mind and body. If you're constantly on the go, however, your child doesn't have time to settle into a great homework routine. If you must attend activities on a frequent basis, make sure you create a specific time for homework in spite of it. For example, you might:

  • Get in the habit of taking care of homework assignments in the car if you have a long drive. Let your young reader read to you or an older sibling in the car.
  • Set aside time and space at one child's practice or activity for the other child or children to take care of homework. Get the homework done before they start running around and having fun!
  • Designate a time when you get home that is homework time, especially if you do have time at home before dinner. Make sure that this is homework time every day--no exceptions!
  • 3. Check in with the teacher.

    What does the school really expect with regards to homework? Should your child be coming home with stacks of homework every night? (Hint: if they are, a school like Halstrom Academy, which offers more one-on-one instruction, may be a better fit for your child.) On the flip side, should your child be sliding in with no homework every day? Make sure you know what your child should be coming home with. Check to ensure that you aren't missing anything.

    4. Make study positive.

    If your child dreads doing their homework or studying, they won't want to do it--and it will quickly become a fight. Instead, make studying something positive and fun. Don't let your dread of homework time impact your student--no matter how inconvenient it might be.

    As your child heads back to school, now is the best time to create great homework and study habits that will last for the rest of the year. If you're discovering that your child's current school isn't a good fit, contact us to learn more about how Halstrom Academy can help take the headache out of homework time.