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Relieve Anxiety to Beat Back-to-School Blues

Relieve Anxiety to Beat Back-to-School Blues

Going back to school does not have to be a dreaded ordeal. Many times, a student feels apprehensive towards a new school year because it is an "unknown." By relieving some common anxieties, your student can look forward to another school year with confidence.

  • • Uncharted Territory: Even if your child is in the same school as last year, they will most likely be unfamiliar with where all their classes will be and who all their teachers are. You can easily obtain a map of the school to visualize what route they need to take between classes. If the campus is new, or your student needs more concrete practice, schedule a time to visit the school to do a physical walk-through.

  • • Unfamiliar Faces: Meeting a new teacher, or teachers, on the first day of school can be daunting. Your student is wondering: are they nice? Are they strict? What will they expect from me? Will they like me? Schedule a meet-and-greet with your student's new teachers so the fearful first-impressions can be alleviated ahead of time. Better yet, have your child come up with goals for the coming school year and share them with their teacher. This way your student knows the teacher is on their side and will work to help them reach those goals.

  • • Unknown Friendships: While one of your goals, as a parent, is for your child to make new friends, do not underestimate the value of a familiar face. Most schools hold an orientation before school actually starts. These are helpful not only because you learn your way around the building, but you also get to meet fellow students. In addition, talk to your child about his/her goals for the school year and how he or she might like to be involved in school outside of the classroom.

At Halstrom, we recognize that students will feel apprehensive about a new school year. Complement traditional school with courses or tutoring offered at Halstrom Academy. We encourage parents to schedule a tour of our campus, meet with our Campus Director to learn about our unique 1:1 teaching style, and research the many clubs we provide to get your child plugged in. Let us help your student beat the back-to-school blues.