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Positive Engagement and Other Benefits of 1:1 Education

Positive Engagement and Other Benefits of 1:1 Education

The traditional school model has failed too many of our children. Classrooms chock full of students attempting to learn from a single instructor cultivate an environment where limited engagement and infinite distractions are ubiquitous. Students learning at a slower rate feel forgotten and lost as the curriculum whizzes past before they've grasped the lesson. Similarly, students learning at an accelerated rate grow bored and disengaged as a result of material that isn't tailored to their abilities.


One-to-one education has the distinct benefit of a personalized relationship between student and teacher. Having a unique understanding of the students learning strengths or difficulties, a teacher can customize each lesson for the greatest chance of success. A student must demonstrate mastery of the content before moving on. The result is a more pleasant learning experience that reduces frustration and cultivates confidence. Subsequently, material retention and grades are drastically improved.

Positive Engagement

Brain imagery and neuroscience have come a long way in the last 20 years. Multiple long-term studies now confirm the positive correlation between a low stress learning environment and the ability to process new information. In the limbic system of the brain, the amygdala is the principle mechanism that responds to anxiety and fear. Upon over-stimulation, it blocks new information from entering the memory and its affiliate circuitry. Our instructors understand this and employ a unique variety of teaching methods in order to create a fun and enjoyable environment where true learning at the neurological level can take place.

Together with our small but strong school community, Halstrom Academy strives to lead our students in a new direction. With personalized one-to-one instruction, each child benefits from a unique relationship with their teacher whereby they deliver the curriculum in a manner that is properly paced, engages the student and complements their individual learning style. Halstrom provides a well-rounded, cutting-edge education in a safe and bully-free environment that truly brings out the best in our students, their parents, and our faculty. With 15 different locations throughout California, we are quickly becoming a leader in innovative education. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information on how your child can benefit from one-to-one education.