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4 Study Techniques and Skills to Help Your Child Succeed at School

4 Study Techniques and Skills to Help Your Child Succeed at School

According to a study by the International Center for Academic Integrity, 68% of college students confess to cheating on written assignments or tests. While the report may not address why these students cheat, one can only guess that some of it stems from poor planning and a lack of good study skills.

Learning good study skills starts long before students reach college. Middle school and high school are the best years for students to learn how to manage their time and study well. Teaching your children good study techniques and skills now will aid them throughout their lives. Here are a four steps you as a parent can implement at home to help your children succeed.

1) Plan

Buy an agenda book for your children. Then, work together to help them learn the skills needed to properly use one. At the beginning of every week, have your children write down all upcoming assignments. Most teachers will supply this information. Teach your children to refer to their planner throughout the week and update as needed.

2) Prioritize

Not all assignments are created equal. Help you children understand how to prioritize projects. Which assignments need finishing first? Are there certain subjects they should start right away while their mind is clearest?

3) Persevere

Organization is not an easy skill to learn. At times, children will want to quit. At times, parents want to quit. Don't give up, though. Teach your children to persevere now. It will only become more difficult as the years pass.

4) Put Your Feet Up Together

As a parent, be more than the taskmaster. Give rewards as well. After a busy day's work, relax and have fun together. Everyone deserves a break.

As industry leaders in alternative education, we at Halstrom Academy cater our 1:1 classes to each student's learning style. We partner with you the parent to help your children learn both academic subjects and important life skills that will aid them throughout life. Contact us for more information.