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3 Ways to Help Your Student Cope with School Stress and the Holidays

3 Ways to Help Your Student Cope with School Stress and the Holidays

We know how stressed students are this time of year, between studying for finals, music recitals, sports, holiday parties, and more. To add to this stress, the excitement and anxiety of the holidays, can cause students to panic. The good news is there are several ways for students to cope not only with school stress, but holiday stress as well.

The following tips will enable your student to combat the stress accompanied with this busy time of year.

1. Make a Schedule:

Even adults struggle with the idea of time management. For students, learning time management techniques will benefit them long after the final tests are taken and the holidays are over. Sit down with your student and make a schedule of each item that needs to be taken care of before the end of the term, both school related and family related. Use a calendar to mark test dates and help them allot time each day for studying, but also time to relax. In the schedule, help them to find a balance between their studies and making time for holiday parties or visits with relatives. By having an organized plan of attack, your student will feel less stressed about this busy time of year.

2. Create a Study Space:

Even though you may be baking Christmas cookies or watching holiday movies, you will want to create a quiet, study space for your student to focus. Encourage them to complete their studies for the night, before coming out to indulge in the festivities.

3. Be Supportive:

Students may feel overwhelmed by their end-of-the-year schedule because they feel like they have to take on the world by themselves. Make sure to incorporate time to play, go Christmas shopping, and have family meals together. While studying is very important, having a balance with fun activities is equally important for students to stay sharp and focused. While it is critical to be supportive, also avoid putting too much pressure on them. If they become cranky or anxious, let them express their concerns and work with them to find a solution.

At Halstrom Academy, we provide our students with an education that focuses on content mastery, which keeps students on task throughout the holidays and the school year. Halstrom is a wonderful option for students, because the focus is on schoolwork rather than homework, which allows students to find a balance in their schedule. Balancing a schedule and time management are especially important during the holiday season. Even though the end of a term is stressful, we work to help our students succeed on their tests, but also support them in their sports, music, and having time for all the festivities and family fun that come with the holiday season.