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3 Tips for Helping Struggling Students

3 Tips for Helping Struggling Students

When a child starts struggling in school, it can be a blow to more than just their academic performance. Many students also take a substantial hit to their self-esteem--and it can lead to a vicious cycle that makes it difficult for them to get back on top again. If your student is struggling in school, there are several things you can do to make them feel more confident and get them back on top again.

Consider a new academic venue

Every student has their own unique learning style. Some students will always struggle in a traditional academic setting in spite of the best efforts of teachers and parents. A small class size, one-on-one attention, and a school that is specifically designed to help students with ADD and ADHD, for example, might prove to be a better fit for some students.

Try tutoring

If you're able to work one-on-one with your student to help improve their performance, that's great! In some cases, however, you may lack either the patience or the skills to handle a certain content area. Even if you understand the content yourself, you might not be able to effectively convey it to your student. Working with a tutor offers a range of advantages:

  • • Students get one-on-one attention that enables them to more easily ask questions.
  • • Students are able to work at their own pace through problems and concepts they might have struggled with in the past.
  • • Tutors take a unique view of the subject and may present information in a way that a classroom teacher hasn't.
  • • Tutors can customize their approach to the child's unique learning style.

Support, don't punish

You know your child best. Chances are, you don't have any trouble telling the difference between a subject they're genuinely struggling to learn and a bad grade that comes from a student who just isn't doing their work or paying attention. If you know that your child is genuinely struggling, support them in their endeavors rather than punishing them. Don't deny them fun time with friends or take away privileges because of a bad grade; instead, give your child what they need to be an academic success.

Finding the right educational solution for your child can be a challenge--but it's also well worth it! If you're in need of a tutor to work with your student or you're interested in a unique academic setting specifically designed to support students with a variety of academic capabilities, contact Halstrom Academy today to learn how they can help change your child's academic future.