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Creative and Fun Ways to Cope with School Stress and the Holidays for Your Teen

Creative and Fun Ways to Cope with School Stress and the Holidays for Your Teen

The holidays can be a wonderful time for families to come together and celebrate their blessings. They can also be a time of massive stress and cramming as families try to balance schoolwork, shopping, and holiday activities. It's important to be proactive in helping your teen find healthy ways to cope with school stress and the holidays. This year, instead of just trying to counteract the stress, why not take things a step further by having some fun?

At Halstrom Academy, we believe students learn best when they are fully engaged in their studies. Sometimes, that means letting loose and taking a break. We think its important for your teen to be reminded that life is not all about test scores and academics.

Here are some fun ways to help take your teen’s mind off school and holiday stress.

1. Throw an impromptu dance party

Yes, that means you will be dancing too! Turn up some of your teen’s favorite music and blast it in your kitchen or living room. Take off your shoes and leave on your socks to add some epic sliding to your dance moves.

Having an impromptu dance party isn’t just a silly way to blow off steam. Research shows time after time how exercise boosts productivity and happiness. Plus, your teen might be more inclined to help with a few of your holiday chores if you show her that you want to celebrate what’s important to her.

2. Join a holiday singing group

I know the last thing on your mind is adding one more activity to your holiday to-do list. But did you know that singing is one of the best ways besides exercise to lower stress levels and increase self-esteem? Joining a singing group also offers opportunities for your teen to make new friends outside of school.

So if you feel a bit hesitant about adding another activity, remember that the benefits of singing outlast the holidays. Those who sing regularly report heightened confidence and better communication skills. That way your teen will have clearer means of expressing herself next time stress comes up.

3. Volunteer to help kids in need

Volunteering is one of the best ways to eliminate stress from your life. When you are focused on giving and serving others, stress from your own life disappears. Teens feel empowered when they realize they can have a positive impact on a child's life.

There are lots of simple, one-time opportunities to volunteer with children around the holidays. Consider wrapping donated presents for families unable to afford gifts for their children. If you are of a more playful mindset, volunteer to dress up as Christmas elves and put on a skit as families wait to receive donated goods.

Lastly, to stay balanced, remind your teen and yourself that the holidays only happen once a year. No matter how much stress you go through, January brings a New Year and a fresh perspective.