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Welcome to Halstrom Academy, Pasadena Campus!

Halstrom Academy, Pasadena is located in the heart of a dynamic city. Parents and students select our school because it provides a learning environment that goes above and beyond fulfilling academic goals. We at the Pasadena campus cherish all of our students for their individuality and we customize their education based on their personal needs. We do our best to provide an intimate and nurturing environment where each student can develop the tools to reach his or her utmost potential while embracing a love of learning. We strongly believe that every student has the right to have access to a positive educational experience. Our team consists of committed and dedicated educators with a common goal to enrich the lives of all of our students, one student at a time. I invite you to visit our campus and see how it can support your child.

Michael Radka
Campus Director
Pasadena Private Middle Schools Michael Radka,
Campus Director

Michael Radka is the Campus Director for Halstrom Academy, Pasadena Campus. Prior to coming to Halstrom, Michael spent several years in Operational Management in the apparel retail industry and Education Management at Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions at their largest west coast campus. In his prior roles, Michael has supervised and led large operations and instruction teams, created training and operational guidelines and worked with academic teams to improve instruction performance. Michael led a large team of instructors at Kaplan who taught test preparation skills to students taking the LSAT, GMAT, GRE, MCAT, SAT, ACT, USMLE and NCLEX among others.

Michael is passionate about education, believing that instilling a “love of learning” is a priority. Having obtained a great deal of graduate admissions experience at Kaplan, Michael worked in his spare time to become well versed in the undergraduate admissions process for students with atypical education backgrounds. Michael graduated from Pepperdine University Graduated with BA in psychology. Michael, his wife and two children reside near our Westlake Village Campus.

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