The Best Part of Halstrom is Our Students
Los Angeles Private SchoolsAt Halstrom, our middle school and high school students are regular kids and each student is remarkable and talented in their own way.

For many, the traditional classroom is not a place where they thrive. And at Halstrom, we listen to our students and we know it is important for them to experience that right fit… a school where they feel comfortable, that their individual needs are being met and where they can excel and feel pride in their accomplishments.

Some students struggle with academia, learning challenges or social anxiety, while others are athletes and actors who find the flexible scheduling options beneficial, and some are wanting accelerated learning that they are not finding in the traditional classroom… but ALL value the 1:1 instruction to learn at their capacity and pace.

Create Lasting Friendships
Our students really do come from varied backgrounds with a wide range of abilities and learning styles. The benefit of teaching one-on-one means that their learning is customized to them and for them. The small, nurturing environment at Halstrom Academy has provided a safe and socially engaging setting so our students make connections and lasting friendships.

All kinds of students attend Halstrom from gifted to remedial and they all learn to excel in the following areas:

  • Self-Directed Learning
  • Creative Problem-Solving
  • Effective Communication
  • College/Career Ready
  • Community Participation
Many Halstrom students have gone on to attend prestigious colleges and universities such as Stanford, UC Berkeley, Penn State, NYU, USC, and more. 96% of Halstrom Students who apply to a 4-year college or university have been accepted. Click here for a complete list.

Is Halstrom Right for You?
Pursuing outside goals and need school to fit into your schedule?
Athletes, actors and artists. Halstrom is the perfect school for students also pursuing professional careers in sports, acting or the arts. Our flexible scheduling options and the ability attend class on campus or online allows them to reach their dreams inside and outside of the classroom.

Working Professional. Students who are working or have started their career choose Halstrom in order to customize their course work and maximize their time outside of the classroom.

Unique learner who would benefit from going at your own pace?
Learning Disabilities. Halstrom’s one-to-one teaching method has produced successful results for students with special learning needs such as ADHD, ADD, dyslexia and more. We ensure that each student masters the content of each lesson before moving on.

Gifted Students. When students find the pace of traditional school too slow, they turn to Halstrom where they can take classes at an accelerated speed.

Wants to learn but haven't had success at a traditional school?

Lost in the crowd. Some of our students have chosen Halstrom because they felt that their classes were too large and they were getting lost in the shuffle. Our one-to-one instruction has proven to be the solution for these students.

Social Anxiety.
 Those who suffer from social anxiety find success at Halstrom because our one-to-one instruction and caring environment.

Enrolled in a traditional school and want to make-up a class or get ahead?
Grade Remediation/Credit Recovery. There are many reasons why students may fall behind at school. Students have the option at Halstrom to take specific courses and transfer credit back to their home school.

Supplement or Accelerate. Some conventional students simply want to experience a more personalized education that can help supplement or accelerate their current coursework. Halstrom offers an extensive list of AP, college prep, general and workshop level courses.

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