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Halstrom Academy is a private middle and high school with 15 campuses throughout California. We offer flexible scheduling and individualized 1:1 instruction to ensure that all students meet their full academic potential. We believe that in education, one size does not fit all and therefore, schedules are tailored to each student’s needs. The Halstrom staff works closely with students and their family throughout the educational journey. All students are provided with the support and tools necessary to succeed.

What Makes Halstrom Unique
1:1 Student to Teacher Ratio
Over 140 Course Offerings, Including 17 AP Classes and 21 Honors Classes
Individualized Learning Plans
Mastery Requirements of 80% or Better

Halstrom believes 1:1 instruction and flexible scheduling empowers students to succeed inside and outside of the classroom. Our students are encouraged to develop and follow their passions, which include acting, athletics, art, volunteering or entrepreneurship. Halstrom teaches 21st century skills tailored to each student’s learning style and pace, in addition to building the necessary skills needed to be a productive learner and confident adult.

Halstrom offers a technology-supported curriculum through the use of iPads loaded with eTextbooks and learning apps. Students may choose from a full range of AP, college prep, general, and workshop-level courses. Halstrom courses align with common core standards and are UC, CSU and NCAA approved.

Course Levels
College Prep
Advanced Placement

Clear Standards and Requirements
At Halstrom, students must demonstrate mastery at 80% or better before moving on to the next assignment. In addition, students are required to complete 3-5 hours of independent study per class. To aid in student success, support services such as tutoring and homework help are available. Pre and post assessments also measure a student’s progress and support services such as tutoring, and homework help are available.

Our Students
Graduating Class of 2015: 68
Rank: Halstrom Academy does not rank
Average GPA: 3.25
College Acceptance Rate: 95%
AP Pass Rate: 86%

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